The name SCAENFISK comes from the names of my source languages and my target language.

SCA - Scandinavian Languages (Swedish, Danish, Norwegian) - (source languages)

EN - English (source language)

FI - Finnish (source language)

SK - Slovak (target language)

SCAENFISK TRANSLATIONS is a woman-owned company. The owner is Soňa Vančová, born in Slovakia and living in Sweden since 2006. SCAENFISK TRANSLATIONS provides translation services from Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, English (US and UK) and Finnish into Slovak. Fields of expertise can be found here:

About the owner

I was born and raised in Slovakia, a beautiful little country in the heart of Europe. My interest in languages began at young age during my studies in primary school. As a first foreign language, I studied Russian. Later I chose to learn English. As a teenager, I fell in love with a Swedish music group (Swedish duo Roxette). The group sang in English and my dream was to meet the members of the group and be able to speak Swedish with them. I decided to learn Swedish. After work I traveled one or twice a week to the capital of Slovakia, Bratislava, to Commenis University to take an evening course in Swedish. Well... yes, my dream came true I met the members of the group before a concert in Stockholm, Sweden, and spoke Swedish with them.

In August 2006, I moved to Sweden to study languages at Uppsala University in Uppsala, Sweden. At Uppsala university, I learned Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and Finnish. I also have a little knowledge of Estonian (beginner level), Northern Saami (beginner level), Polish (beginner level) and still understand Russian quite well and I can speak really good Czech (advanced level).

I love challenges, so I decided to also learn Finnish. It was not so easy for a Slovak learn Finnish at a Swedish university. In 2011, I received a Bachelor´s Degree, with a major in Finnish and a minor in Scandinavian languages (Swedish, Danish and Norwegian). In June 2014, I received Master's Degree, in Finno-Ugric Languages (Finnish).

I attended summer courses in Denmark in 2008 at Aarhus university and in Finland in 2010 at Vaasa University, in 2011 at University of Oulu, in 2012 at Jyväskylä University and in 2013 I studied Finnish for 5 months as (a Master´s student at Jyväskylä University.

In February 2015, I started my business as a freelance translator.

My interests include Martial Arts, sports, group training at the gym, cycling, cooking, reading and traveling.